About the Course Garden category

This is a place to propose and workshop new course ideas.

You’ll see these same instructions as a placeholder when composing a topic in this category, too.

How to use the Course Kindergarten

Welcome to the Course Kindergarten! This is a space for developing course ideas together with the Hyperlink community. Create a new topic, propose a course, and we’ll help you build it.

To start, all you need is an idea for something you’d like to explore. It could be a two week creative workshop, it could be a three month intensive — we’ll figure out all the details here!

There’s a huge universe of possible types of learning experiences, and a significant subset that could work well here on Hyperlink. A course can be structured and constrained in many useful ways, but its particular shape depends heavily on its topic and learning goals.

What to include in your course proposal

A few things to consider including here:

  • Curriculum: What are the learning goals? What material will be covered?
  • Course structure: How many people? How many weeks / sessions? Will it be primarily live workshops, asynchronous critique, or something else?
  • Who should sign up? What does the ideal participant for this course look like? Any prerequisites — things learners should know, do, or have before signing up?
  • Artifacts: What’s the output of the course? A completed project, an evaluation of some kind, a seed for something larger to build on in the future?
  • Other: Any other open questions, or particular things you’re curious to experiment with?

No need to have details on all these yet, we’ll help you refine this idea as you go!

Next Steps

Once you have a clear idea for the topic of your course and a pretty good idea for the general structure, shoot us an email at contact@hyperlink.academy. We may even reach out first!

We’ll send you a link with an invite to the Meta Course. This is a special invite only course for prospective course creators to talk about their courses, gain valuable feedback, and apply a final bit of polish before publishing their course on Hyperlink.

At the the end of the Meta Course, if you’re ready, you can publish your course on Hyperlink! If you need more time, then you can come right back here to your post on the Course Kindergarten and keep working on it. As long as it takes, we’re happy to keep talking.