About the Learning Adventures category

This is a place to conduct, discuss, and participate in learning adventures!

You’ll see these same instructions as a placeholder when composing a topic in this category, too.

What’s a Learning Adventure?

On Hyperlink, a Learning Adventure is a self-directed exploration of a specific topic. Create a new topic to share your adventure with the community!

We think of an adventure as a kind of independent study or personal learning project. If you want to learn something with others, consider creating a course instead. If you’re not sure where to start, you can always make an adventure first, then a course later.

What to include in your adventure

A few things you may want to include to define your adventure:

  • Subject: what you want to learn
  • Scope: when you’re going to start and finish
  • Structure: how you’re going to learn it

We suggest trying something just a bit unfamiliar and challenging. Pay attention to what might help you best approach a new topic, and don’t be afraid to make changes and shift course along the way.

Useful tools include: specific questions, explicit timelines, and producing tangible artifacts. Try things out, and ask for help, we’ll do our best to offer feedback!

Continuing and completing your adventure

As you continue this adventure, use this topic to share updates as you go. You can also use this space to share what you make, ask questions, and get feedback from the community.

When your adventure feels complete, we’d love to see a brief retrospective post with a quick review of how your adventure went: was it effective? What would you do to improve a future adventure?