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Alicja Raszkowska


I was trained as an economist and used to work in public health policy as a data scientist. Currently I’m a full stack software developer, with a skew towards backend and production engineering.

I live in Vancouver, BC, where I moved about 2 years ago from Warsaw, Poland.


  1. Learn to focus on less things (I have a million ideas and not enough time)
  2. Improve my Computer Science fundamentals and blog about it
  3. Create visual/explorable explanations for the concepts I’m learning

Learning Victories!

  1. Learned to play my first musical instrument (badly) - ukulele
  2. Learned the basics of American Sign Language (third semester soon)

Getting Ready

What I’m missing most right now is a plan I’m going to stick to with commitment. I tend to be distracted by the next shiny thing a lot and have a lot of half-finished projects.

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Hey @trueskawka welcome! I loved your talk on drawing in documentation (which I’m struggling to find with my terrible internet at the moment)

Your zeroth interest is one I share. My current approach is to write things down and push them to my website liberally, even if I have no concrete plan for following up on them. It’s resulted in a lot of messy notes up there, but it reduces the feeling that I’m going to forget or lose all the ideas running through my head.

Improve my Computer Science fundamentals and blog about it

This would be super cool to see, especially with the drawings you do! Is there a particular area in the fundamentals you’re keen to dive into? One thing I’ve struggled with in being self-taught is identifying gaps in my knowledge, as I rely pretty heavily on approximations and Just-In-Time learning. So if you have any thoughts or tips on that, I’d be very interested :sweat_smile:!

Part of the reason I joined so eagerly is that I’m overwhelmed with my learning goals and seeing this space as trying out an approach that will help with more learning and less stress. More excitement about being curious and less feeling like I’m not doing anything :slight_smile:

I like the idea of pushing stuff to my website regardless of the state of done. I did a brief review of all the things I wanted to learn in the past few months and will write-up a blog post on how I want to tackle prioritizing and learning them.

For CS fundamentals, I’m a tad lost as to where to start, so I think I’ll grab a book on data structures and start there. It seems the most tangible and potentially the most useful straight away :slight_smile: Eventually, I want to map out the areas I feel I’m missing and tackling them one by one, similarly to https://www.taniarascia.com/learn/

Yay, I unblocked myself today :slight_smile:

Read Basecamp’s “Shape Up” over the weekend and it gave me some good ideas on how to approach my appetite for learning - https://basecamp.com/shapeup.

Yay! That’s awesome.

I really like the /learn approach for keeping track of everything. We’re there particular tools or techniques that stuck out from Shape Up?

A lot of ideas from product development seem to have application to learning and personal development I think. Shape Up seems pretty interesting, though very team focused, I wonder how it’s ideas change when applied on an individual level.