- Andreas S. -

Hi my name is Andreas!

I’m living near Frankfurt in Germany with my wife and my two kids.


My Background as a Software Developer made me curious about all kind of Computer related stuff.
Here is a list of the books I read https://andreass.gitlab.io/books.svg


Over the last years I have become interested in the broader web3 space. I actually watched @jard1 talk from the EthCC conference on Blockchain for education Innovation. In many web3 projects there is currently a kind of interaction model where the project group itself will hire to interact with “the community” , I think this approach has a lot of drawbacks. I do think that for a community and a project to be able to have a meaningful conversation a kind of self/P2P-learning needs to happen in the community and then with the project. In this way trust can be build and more complex interactions can emerge from that. I do think that the majority of our current online interactions is based on interaction patterns which deprive us our attention and from the opportunity to have meaningful interaction.(social media)

I’m very interested in what Ivan Illich called learning webs. I try to cultivate my own Zettelkasten and I’m thinking about integration between Zettelkästen from multiple people. But Also other forms of dialogue like circling.

Also I was peaking into the wikimedia space ( wikipedia editor and wikidata) but also the OER concept.

Learning Victories

Since I’m interested in Education that lead me to Cognitive Science which is really a very broad field. But it is really rewarding as a non professional to get deeper into topics like philosophy or psychology.

Getting Started

I saw the blog about the learning clubs, but there was only a submit form. Are there actually any Learning clubs already avaiable? Are the courses - the learning clubs?

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Hey Andreas!

Definitely agreed on the need for projects to have learning intrinsic to their communities. Lots of really interesting forms that can take. In the blockchain space I think some of the newer DAO projects like Moloch are doing this to a certain extent in funding people to do research and not just development based on existing skills.

As for learning clubs, we’ve only just announced them, so we’re only taking submission at this point. We’ll be announcing a batch of them in the coming weeks!

Clubs are distinct from courses. They’re less formal, and more around shared interest than the structured learning environments of courses. Of course there’ll be some fuzzy lines between them, with courses spawning clubs, and hopefully some clubs spawning courses!

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