Antiracist study group for allies

There are tons of antiracist reading lists and resources making the rounds. Could be good to make a study group to put some more structure around working through them, create accountability, and to have discussions with fellow allies to process the ideas. This might be especially good in a closed, small forum like Hyperlink where people could really engage.

There could be a weekly structure. The facilitator would assign reading and lead the discussion.

If the facilitator is Black, this course could be a good way for them to be compensated for educating allies. If the facilitator is not Black, all money spent on the class could be donated to an antiracist fund, maybe chosen after the curriculum is completed and all students are now well enough informed to choose a good one together.

A few of the lists:

This could also include non-book items, like articles, or even podcasts and documentaries.


Great idea! Love the concept, and could be cool to pair readings and discussions w/ action items or something for each session.

Related, one interesting course I just came across on Twitter—

Modernity + Coloniality: free online summer course on coloniality and decoloniality

  • “a reading seminar and survey course looking into the constitution, scale, and many dimensions of the modern\colonial world-system”
  • “the way I plan to run this is around a 30-45 minute lecture or presentation clarifying many of the key points and insights, and then we can open it up to discussion.”

Sounds like a cool format, basically graduate level seminar but structured to make it more approachable and easier to drop in just for particular sessions. Looks like some interesting sessions on violence, power, allyship, decolonizing research, and more.

This sounds good. Could be an ongoing series, but I think might be a good idea to pick a structure / length and some specific readings, to keep it focused. (Either focus on one book, or a series of shorter pieces, maybe.)

And yeah depending who’s leading this, could be a free thing, donate course fees, etc., all good ideas!

A couple books I strongly recommend:

And ones I’d really like to read / explore more:

Also, throwing in a cross-forum link re: the journal Radical Teacher, looks like an awesome resource (“a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal dedicated to the theory and practice of teaching”):