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Catalouging and researching futures of learning

I’m just embarking on a learning adventure all around futures of learning. You can read about it specifically here: https://awarm.space/learning/adventures/future-of-learning

My goal is to learn about how others are thinking about where learning goes, and use that to inform my own work with Fathom, and of course my own learning experiences.

Right now I anticipate it will take a couple months, with a relatively slow pace, but that depends on the responses I get! If anyone here wants to chat about this, or knows someone I should reach out to, please let me know!


Great topic for an adventure Jared. I’m keen to explore this also. My friend Sergio and I are starting some research on this soon so will keep in touch :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Would love to collaborate/compare notes once this things rolling!

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