Daily Newsletter on Play!

hello there!

i decided to use the structure of a daily newsletter around the subject ‘play’. i believe that as adults, our sense and spirit of play has atrophied from lack of use. we must learn to play, so we can play to learn. through the forced constraint of daily writing, I explore adult themes and equate them to play.

the scope is to learn to look at subjects like work, stress, mental health, sex, relationships, etc. through the lens of playful exploration.

eventually, i will compile all of my thoughts and insights into a book and thereafter offer an online course called ‘kindergarten for adults’ as well. that’s one of the reasons I’m here and wish to participate in the meta course.

if you’re patient enough to read a daily newsletter, please subscribe at itsplayti.me or feel free to browse through independent issues regardless.

ritesh :joystick:
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