Hamish Robertson

I am here to learn about new forms of education using up to date tools. I am starting a business that will build a community of enthusiasts. My job is to help them learn more and remove all barriers to learning, so much that they don’t even feel like they are learning. I also want to bring people together online and IRL. Hopefully, this academy will help me think through options and ideas as I build my business.


I have just finished career 1.0 as a financial analyst to become an Entrepreneur. My skills are chiefly qualitative analysis and relationship building. It’s time to add project management, sales, and leadership.


I have been totally dismayed by how little modern technology and techniques are used to help people learn. I intend to build new arenas for people to learn in, and new virtual worlds for them to explore. I will then add IRL activities to enhance the experience and boost value for participants once the COVID pandemic has subsided.

Learning Victories

So far I have learned that the internet is enormous, astonishing, and very very hard to use. If one has the motivation and resources, almost all information mankind holds is currently available for free if you try hard enough to get it. No one bothers to do this because of outdated thinking and lack of incentives. I have learned that it will be possible to build processes to help unlock all of this information.

I have learned that most Forums are hosted on ancient technology yet this one somehow is instantly more usable. I want to know why?!?

Oh and in my old job I learned an enormous amount about how the Financial Services and Energy industries work, so if you have questions, I can help. :wink:

Getting Started

I want to know which organisations and people are thinking about cutting edge educational resources, and information collection and usage.


Hey, sorry for missing this earlier! Going through past post and realized I forgot to reply: welcome to the Hyperlink forum, thanks for the intro!

Glad you found us, and we definitely share an interest in new approaches and technologies that can make learning better. Is there a particular niche your community’s focused on? Would love to hear more about the core goals / topics / experiences around learning you’re most interested in.

Agreed haha - we’re using Discourse which is really nice to work with, open source and a great team behind it, over the past few years has set a new standard for modern and usable forum software :slight_smile:

Happy to chat about all this stuff more, for sure! Re: information / knowledge management, Roam is doing some innovative stuff, and I’m also really interested in annotation and collaborative reading tools like Hypothesis.

For innovative work around learning / education, there are lots of interesting independent / alternative schools I really like, e.g. the School for Poetic Computation, The School of Making Thinking, and Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Plenty of other cool work both in the online learning space and more academic research side of things, I can try to dig up more links based on what you’re most interested in. Long term also want to have a nice way to share these kinds of resources on the Hyperlink site and maybe host some events / learning group stuff re: future of learning.