Jacob Stiglitz


Hello. I’m Jacob - an education entrepreneur currently working on increasing engagement in online learning and development through peer-coaching.
I’m a Cognitive Science undergraduate (Pomona), Masters in Education Technology (UNC). Peace Corps Mongolia, college access nonprofits (Questbridge; Strive - cofounder), international edu (Laureate; Rockit - cofounder). Worked at Noodle. Working on Parade.


What are the things you’re most interested in learning?
I’m interested in innovative online learning. I’m working to learn more about engagement and (peer-)coaching.

Seeking collaborators or co-learners for a particular project?

Learning Victories

I just finished my Masters!
I’m currently learning about farm life doing HelpX. (Can’t put a link here, but its a dot net)

Getting Started

I’m really excited to meet and learn with you all! Thanks for having me! =)


Hi Jacob, welcome and thanks for joining!

Great to meet more folks with an interest in innovative internet education + peer learning. Let us know if you want to share more about your work in the masters program / current projects / learning goals, curious to hear more and chat about any of this stuff :slight_smile:

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