Jon Alex ⠀


I’m Portuguese. Olá :wave:

  • I have graduated in Pre-Press.
  • I am a mediocre designer turned digital marketer.
  • I created two online courses: Facebook Ads and Chatbots.

I’m not too social. But I don’t bite :wolf:



  • Front-end (learning JavaScript, noob)
  • Illustration (admiring @Maggie’s work)
  • Yoga (keeping slim, almost 40)

Learning Victories

  • Learned hard work (manual labour is tough)
  • Survived Intro to Programming with Python (Coursera)
  • Not how, who (not my quote, but think on it)

Getting Started

  • Move before you’re ready (again, not my quote)
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Hi Jon, welcome to Hyperlink!

I’d also like to learn some more front-end dev stuff :slight_smile: I find it easiest to get deeper into technical topics by exploring a specific project, but not always easy to figure out the best starting point or sequencing.

Any thoughts for types of learning experiences you’d really like to see for learning JS, illustration, or anything else? Glad to bounce around ideas!

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Hi Brendan, thanks for the welcoming.

One reason I wanted to learn JavaScript is to be able to understand and do advanced implementations of the Facebook Pixel. It’s good to have a goal in mind as you mentioned.

For illustration, I’m on the sidewalk admiring other people’s work. I really like Maggie’s style, it makes me want to print her drawings of book notes, but the images on her website are not hi-quality enough. If I had that super-power, I’d use it for drawing/decorating my notes.

I’m probably the oldest and dumbest guy here (don’t be fooled by my avatar, I age well). I’ve been learning JS from several sources, but get stuck up to a certain point (still in the basics), then go study another resource.

For eg.,1) I studied a JS intro of until while and for loops got my head spinning; 2) I then went with the book Eloquent JavaScript, and there’s a point it gets too hard. 3) Now I’m doing Coursera and got dizzy with that this thing. In the meantime I bough a JS bundle course from Todd Motto in Ultimate Courses.

What about you, why are you learning front-end stuff, any specific application? It’s ok if you don’t have one.

Cool, personally I’m interested in JS partly because we use it for the Hyperlink site itself — and also with it being such a common general purpose tool for web development, I know it may come in handy for all kinds of things, though I don’t yet have a specific side project that’s given me a strong entry point to getting super comfortable with it. Maybe space we can explore more in a future Hyperlink course!

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