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Learning campaign: computer science, Haskell, and music - with drawings!

I sat down today to figure out where I want to grow to and how to approach it. Since it’s very hard for me to uncouple multiple ideas, I decided to try an approach for 6 weeks: https://alicja.dev/learning/


This is so cool!

My long-term capstone goal is building an application for learning music theory with ukulele, with hand-drawn graphics and Haskell on the backend.

I love this so much <3! Building software for learning music theory is a really interesting project and I imagine it would pair nicely with Haskell. Also tying it to your ukele practice is a great way to make it immediately relevant. (I’m now tempted to take a similar approach to my long drawn out attempt to teach myself to play the mandolin)

Would the plan be to have any kinda artifact produced after each week working towards the capstone project (or an animation of the concepts you worked on) or at the weeks more for creating time to focus on particular topics?

Also, I love the “Learning Campaign” terminology!


Ooh this is awesome, I love the idea of a “living document”, like your own evolving self-syllabus…

Very interesting and ambitious to approach all these topics in an interconnected way. This sort of map / structure seems like it might take longer than a more rigid focused plan, but also ultimately be more fun and rewarding and maybe better for keeping momentum.

The “current stats” list is interesting too, could be cool to record once a week or month and see what it looks like charted over time. I wonder if at some points along the way those numbers might actually go down before going back up, as its more a self-evaluation of how you perceive your knowledge / progress rather than an objective measurement.

And I like how you’ve started to kind of annotate the goals as you check them off your list, so it ends up as a sort of hybrid of project roadmap/checklist + associated learning diary.