Personal Websites


A peer-to-peer workshop for building personal websites. This could be creating a new site from scratch, or implementing a particular new feature on your existing site.

Examples might be:

  • Creating a wiki / personal garden
  • Improve your blog
  • Set up indieweb standards

It’s not a “intro to web basics” course, and participants should have some understanding of HTML, CSS, and web hosting. Otherwise, it’s for artists, writers, technologists — anyone who wants to build a great site, whether it’s on WordPress, static site generator, or esoteric custom-built stack…go for it!


  • Cost: $300-ish?
  • Participants: 5-10
  • 2-4 weekly sessions, an intro call, sharing / discussing website ideas on the forum, helping each other as we build stuff, then ending with final presentations of what each participant implemented
  • Main facilitator, but also each participant may opt to share specific knowledge / how-to sessions, depending on interest and experience

Course Details

What you’ll learn:

  • Technologies, workflows, content paradigms
  • Ways of being on the internet
  • “Internet homesteading” / gardening

How you’ll learn:

  • P2P focus, self-guided group, diverse topics
  • Case studies + examples of possibilities
  • Talking about each other’s website goals
  • One major project / milestone to end with

Output / evaluation:

  • Presentations / demo day at the end
  • You’ll give a ~15 min showcase on what you did
  • And how — technical, workflow, etc.: break it down! — end up with artifacts / case studies

Who should sign up:

  • You have a personal website
  • You’re not sure what to do with it
  • You love weird experiments
  • You’ve heard of indie web, P2P web, etc. and want to try out some of those concepts
  • You have a project / goal you’ve always wanted to do with your site but haven’t yet
  • You have some grasp of HTML and CSS, and (maybe) a bit of JS / hosting knowledge, and are comfortable Googling stuff and trying new things!

Other ideas:

  • May be very emergent, collaborative, exact structure will depend a lot on what folks bring
  • Frame as kind of “upper level seminar”
  • Would be cool to have a library of great case studies / examples for student access
  • Could be great for participants with a very specific project in mind
  • Maybe a thing folks could get a company learning budget to pay for?
  • Different facilitators could make for very different focuses here…

Would love to join. Is it still on?

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Hi, welcome to Hyperlink!

The course outlined above is still just a proposal, but it’s likely we’ll be launching something similar fairly soon. @jared is working on what I think will be a condensed version of what’s described above to test out soon. Any particular aspect of this stand out as something you’re most interested in?

FYI we’ll be announcing an initial lineup of courses soon, if you’re on the mailing list you should see an announcement with more info early next week! And if you have other ideas you’d like to see, either for teaching or learning, we’d love to hear em :slight_smile: