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Personal Websites


A peer-to-peer workshop for building personal websites. This could be creating a new site from scratch, or implementing a particular new feature on your existing site.

Examples might be:

  • Creating a wiki / personal garden
  • Improve your blog
  • Set up indieweb standards

It’s not a “intro to web basics” course, and participants should have some understanding of HTML, CSS, and web hosting. Otherwise, it’s for artists, writers, technologists — anyone who wants to build a great site, whether it’s on WordPress, static site generator, or esoteric custom-built stack…go for it!


  • Cost: $300-ish?
  • Participants: 5-10
  • 2-4 weekly sessions, an intro call, sharing / discussing website ideas on the forum, helping each other as we build stuff, then ending with final presentations of what each participant implemented
  • Main facilitator, but also each participant may opt to share specific knowledge / how-to sessions, depending on interest and experience

Course Details

What you’ll learn:

  • Technologies, workflows, content paradigms
  • Ways of being on the internet
  • “Internet homesteading” / gardening

How you’ll learn:

  • P2P focus, self-guided group, diverse topics
  • Case studies + examples of possibilities
  • Talking about each other’s website goals
  • One major project / milestone to end with

Output / evaluation:

  • Presentations / demo day at the end
  • You’ll give a ~15 min showcase on what you did
  • And how — technical, workflow, etc.: break it down! — end up with artifacts / case studies

Who should sign up:

  • You have a personal website
  • You’re not sure what to do with it
  • You love weird experiments
  • You’ve heard of indie web, P2P web, etc. and want to try out some of those concepts
  • You have a project / goal you’ve always wanted to do with your site but haven’t yet
  • You have some grasp of HTML and CSS, and (maybe) a bit of JS / hosting knowledge, and are comfortable Googling stuff and trying new things!

Other ideas:

  • May be very emergent, collaborative, exact structure will depend a lot on what folks bring
  • Frame as kind of “upper level seminar”
  • Would be cool to have a library of great case studies / examples for student access
  • Could be great for participants with a very specific project in mind
  • Maybe a thing folks could get a company learning budget to pay for?
  • Different facilitators could make for very different focuses here…