Programming Challenge and Algorithm Mastery


Let’s do this course together and build a solid foundation for our professions as a programmer.
As a mostly self-taught programmer, there is the danger of skipping a lot of foundational knowledge.
In the past, I did a lot of code wars challenges but this unstructured approach did not teach me the fundamental principles and when to apply best practices. This was somewhat frustrating.


My goal with doing this course is not primarily through a coding interview in a tech company like the accompanying Udemy course suggest but to develop the strength of solving programming problems. After finishing the Udemy course I plan to do at least one leet code (or equivalent) coding challenge a day.


We will take the ‘tech part’ of the course Master the Coding Interview: Data Structures + Algorithms.


This part is covered by Big O Asymptotic analysis, How To Solve Coding Problemes, Data structures, and Algorithms.

The full outline of the tech part of the course can be found here.


The choice for this specific course is that is is more practical and has a faster feedback loop
than those of the introductory ones by ivy league universities. However, please message me if you have a better option and we might change this resource. format

The idea is to find a study group or a group of P2P-Learning ‘buddies’ to explain concept to each other and create some group dynamics.

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Thanks for posting, and welcome!

Interesting, so you’re thinking of basically a peer study group for practical programming with focus on data structures and algorithms?

I like the idea here:

Are you interested in putting together your own curriculum for this kind of thing? And is it something you might want to potentially run multiple times?

We’re still figuring out what’s the ideal format for a course on this platform, but one thing I’m not sure about is using materials from another existing course directly. Would love to hear more what you have in mind and we can talk further about possibilities!