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Quantum Country

I noticed that @jaredpereira mentioned trying out Quantum Country in his latest newsletter. For those unfamiliar, it is an online essay/textbook on quantum computing which uses a mnemonic medium of interspersing flashcards between paragraphs to test your understanding.

I’ve been meaning to try this out as well and I’m wondering if people here would be interested in forming a little study group/book club around Quantum Country? (on the topic of book-club variations haha, how do you structure a book club around the mnemonic medium?)

Just an idea that popped into my head, I was wondering what you’d all think. I’m planning reading+reviewing Quantum Country over the next few months anyway but it could be nice to have an extra layer of accountability + perhaps explain concepts to each other to test our understanding (ala the Feynman technique)


how do you structure a book club around the mnemonic medium

This is a really interesting question! One thing that could be interesting is exploring all the references throughout the essays. There weren’t a ton but there were a couple points where the author pointed to things to read if you wanted to go deeper.

From Andy and Michael’s Patreon:

But, I have no intuition yet to automatically identify something as a Markov process in real life, in a regular conversation, outside of a more formal conversation…

We’re very interested in giving this situation a helping hand. We’ve noticed that many of our readers reach some “next level” of conceptual understanding when they bring what they’ve learned on Quantum Country into some kind of social environment. One example asked a thoughtful question on StackExchange. Another example had an interesting conversation with a colleague. Another tried a project in a circuit simulator environment. It’s fun to think about designing the medium to lower the activation energy required to make that kind of move.

I can see a “book club” as serve that kind of purpose, though I think it would look pretty significantly different as compared to a “normal” book club…


Nice, definitely interested in Michael & Andy’s work here. I’ve poked around the Quantum Country site a bit and it looks very cool though not sure yet how much time to spend with it.

My reaction to this I guess is basically I’m extremely interested in the experiments with learning / online book formats, and moderately interested in actually learning about quantum computing in great detail. I think I’d be interested in following along, but I don’t really care about the spaced repetition stuff all that much. Super curious to explore what a reading group for this might look like :slight_smile: Could be a nice use case to test out the new hyperlink.academy once that’s ready to go!

Heh, I almost feel like Quantum Country is going to result in a whole cohort of people interested learning being also weirdly knowledeable about quantum computing.

FWIW, my experience was that the space-repetition stuff isn’t that interesting in and of itself, but fascinating in how it interacts with the experience/medium as a whole. I found that offloading the like persistant “how is this gonna stay in my head stress” let me focus on the content a lot easier.