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hello :wave:t3:

i’m Ritesh. curious about the nature of play and play in nature. i want to learn to play and play to learn. that’s also a subject i want to teach as a course and i’m looking forward to being a part of the meta cohort.

i’ve an eclectic background as a jack of all trades. i’ve run a few physical businesses in the past but i’m currently retired at 40. i’m good at people management, love doodling and writing and though not a coder, can adopt bleeding edge technologies rather quickly.

active on twitter as @reddy2go

i’m collecting my thoughts and ideas on the value and importance of play and eager to build a kindergarten for adults. would love to be able to connect and hear what you all think about it. i write a frequent (practically daily) newsletter

thank you for creating this space and for having me here.

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Hi Ritesh!

Do you know the book: Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse?

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heard of it recently. thanks for the added impetus. will get started on it right away!

I think its an interesting book, it has a kind of special style but if you can get into it I think its very rewarding. When I read “learning & play” two other resources pop right up from my zettelkasten and these are Xenogaming and a “serious play” - project.

xenogaming brief presentation

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha1yYXWpNQw
  • Xeno industries vision statement: escape hatch from capitalism into a labyrinth of transfinite portals
  • theory fiction : mapping alien topographies
  • QA: studied educational psychology
  • he needed a way to figure out to leave out all the stuff he learned, just constructing a (Xeno) game and let people play with it (to reduce information overload)
  • whats ia xenogame:
    • is like alternate reality games
    • some type of real world component
    • some type of activist component
    • and a mythological component
  • post capitalist “subject”

I really liked his focus on how to reduce the scope of information when you want to teach/learn with someone by using this frame ( certain assumptions)

Seriously playing the Great Awakening w/ Daniel Greig - Voices with Vervaeke

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJrhJqqc5ZE&feature=youtu.be
  • “studios of hollywood and disney all of these people that um create and sustain our perceptions and determine what archetypal symbolic narratives are activated in us”
  • “these institutions are doing these things because they want our capital and i think we would be foolish to think that the stories aren’t
    influenced at the end of the day only by that which will maximize capital”
  • "and so i’d like to have a system of media production …then there’s this central mystery school that if you want to learn certain core
    truths within this extended uh universe uh you go and you participate in the game to like really get the full depth that’s being hinted at in all of these narratives that are happening in this alternate timeline
  • JV: i’m wondering if there’s a connection between playing finite games and seeking escape and playing infinite games and seeking recovery

I hope this makes sense but as I read your news letter, in particular this piece:

There seems to be a good connection.

I hope this helps!


thank you for sharing your resources, Andreas. will add that to my own resource, enjoy the interplay and watch it grow.

i was reading through your introduction and love your interest in self/P2P-learning. play I believe is nature’s original P2P learning methodology. animals of a litter/herd/pack play fight amongst themselves and develop expertise with minimum impetus from the mother.

thus my concept of learning via play revolves around:

  • playground (safe not dangerous)
  • playmates (friendly not hostile)
  • playbook (explorative not doctrine)

thanks again for sharing. exciting and entertaining times ahead for sure.

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Hey, welcome Ritesh!

Interesting, can you say more about what you have in mind? Feel free to message us too if you have a specific course idea you want to workshop :slight_smile:

Sounds nice and weird! Can’t find anything else about xenogaming online but looks like some interesting concepts here.

HI brendan!

Yeah the resources about xenogamign are quite thin. But as I explored the context, the origin of the Idea further I think I saw why that is. The Author Anders J. Aamodt studied educational psychology and I think he saw the Holochain project as another space where he simply could experiment and try out new ideas. As far as I can tell he stopped pursuing this project. But I still like the idea, or to be more clear the aspect that reducing complexity when engaging with other people for learning is a very important thing.

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