Stian Håklev


Norwegian, spent 12 years in Canada, 4 in Switzerland, and just in the process of moving back to Norway. - I recently did a little retrospective Twitter thread summarizing some of the main projects I’ve been working on. The short summary is that I did my MA in comparative education, looking at open courses in Chinese universities, while helping start Peer2Peer University on the side. This got me very interested in the technical and pedagogical design of online learning, and I did a PhD in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning.

From 2016-19 I was working as a post-doc on a “visual programming language” or tool to let teachers author and run complex collaborative synchronous learning scenarios. I’ve now been working at Minerva Project for a bit over a year as an engineer and researcher - we have our own university, where we’re trying to rethink undergraduate education from first principles, from the small granularity of what happens in a single class session, to the four year perspective of how do you design a curriculum so that it builds on each other in meaningful ways.

I discovered Roam just before Christmas, and have become very involved with the tool and the community - it kind of brought back a lot of the things I was thinking about during my PhD. As many here, very influenced by Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen.

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I am thinking a lot about experimenting with things that we were attempting to do with Peer2Peer University 13 years ago, but is still somehow an unmet need, things like ad hoc book clubs, or a more complex idea I called Project Fluid - kind of a cascading book club. Looking into relevant communities is how I found Hyperlink Academy.

I have also recently gotten very interested in learning new things - from this very fascinating series called Awakening from the Meaning Crisis, to learning about mind, attention, embodiment, emotions, collaboration, etc. These topics are interesting in themselves, and needing to learn about them pushes me to investigate better personal and collaborative knowledge and learning structures, but of course what I learn also informs the designs of those tools and processes. :slight_smile:

Finally, really like languages. I wrote recently about upping my Chinese game.

Learning Victories

I’m a senior engineer having never studied an hour of formal computer science/IT, so I guess that is some kind of long-earned self-learning credibility :slight_smile: In general, even though I have a huge amount of formal education, I’ve found that it’s my side projects that have really opened doors for me.


Welcome Stian, great to see you here!

Love that Twitter thread retrospective on your projects…so much good stuff there! Look forward to taking some time to dig in and explore in more detail. I think we can learn a ton from your work.

Poked around your notes site a bit, and found some of the bits about both fluid book clubs and history of P2PU super interesting.

Look forward to hearing more about your work with Minerva. I really enjoyed reading Building the Intentional University a year or two back; this whole space is so fascinating and it was cool to see a whole book length look at a project of this ambition / magnitude; super curious to learn more.

Ooh this is great, awesome notes here! I think I saw a tweet that you know like…nine languages?? How much of this is growing up multilingual vs. intentional learning project(s) later in life? I am very far from being multilingual, but similarly super interested in learning about language, particularly reading about things like translation and poetics.

Ha, nice, I can relate a bit…spent undergrad mainly studying film and photography, and have fallen backwards into learning tech stuff largely via side projects and learning on the job in my previous role!