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Jared started a topic on What’ve been impactful learning experiences for you? where we can share our own experiences on great learning experiences–however something I also remember coming up in the first discussion on Monday was the suggestion for a thread specifically for collecting some resources on teaching and pedagogy.

Some interesting resources come across my radar recently:

:page_facing_up: = short
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:open_book: Building the Intentional University (2017)
Knowledge Hydrant: A Pattern Language for Study Groups (1999)
——:page_facing_up: Notes on a Remote-Friendly Subset of the 21 Patterns
:open_book: Stian Haklev’s PhD Thesis (2016)
——(Stian also has numerous articles and papers related to MOOCs and collaborative learning)
:page_facing_up: Toward Renewable Assessments (2016)

Please share other resources you know about! More practical teaching resources? developmental psychology? Research on different methods of instruction?

Also feel free to expand on my emoji classifications to give more context to links


Thanks for starting this list! I’ve been keeping the start of a “Hyperlink Library” with notes / links for good resources as well. Will get that on the website in some more structured form eventually…for now, adding some highlights here.

Also, seconding the rec for Building the Intentional University, really enjoyed that one!


Cool examples of online learning:

Some other projects I really like:

Some great syllabi for inspiration:

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