Test Run – Architecture of Writing

How can the techniques of architecture, cinematography, gardening, or game development be used to inform one’s writing practice? What new styles and techniques could emerge from this exploration? And in turn what could these disciplines learn from writing? Together we will explore the ocean of possibilities and seek to discover the unexplored territories of the written word.

Hey all–would like to run a test run of my course: The Architecture of Writing. Just one session to figure things out and test facilitating a course for the first time.

Make sure to bring a pencil and paper!

For more details, read my post in the Course Garden: Architecture of Writing

(note: links to join will be posted before the meeting, still thinking about whether to use this forum’s Jitsi integration or if there’s another software that would be good to experiment with for this kind of course)

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Here’s the link to join at 8pm ET (5pm PT), we’ll just use this forum’s Jitsi integration

Might also provide a shared doc or slides for us to edit and write in a shared space during the call