Test Run - Funding the Commons

Alright, scheduling a feedback session for this course idea! It’s intended as a pretty short one to start anyway, but want to figure out what kind of structure and tone works here.

Course Description

A practical introduction to different ways of funding “open source” creative work — not only FOSS software projects, but any sort of creative output where the end goal is to make the core of the work freely, publicly available.

Each participant bring a project of their own, and we do 2-3 workshop sessions on different funding mechanisms (crowdfunding, memberships, open source bounties, etc.) and ways to apply them.

What we’ll do in this Test Run…

I want to do an abbreviated version of the first session, walking through one or two different funding models + a couple tools / strategies that would be useful for each.

I’ll pick an example project I like and we can talk about what worked. If you have a project, real or hypothetical, that we can use as a test case…even better!

Mainly just want some general facilitation practice, and working out how much of this should be me presenting details of stuff vs. just loosely outlining ideas and getting straight into group discussion.

NB: full outline of this course idea here