Easier navigation to enroll in a course and pay

When I first tried enrolling in a course it seemed harder to find enrollment than necessary.

The flow was landing page > click course > look to right pane > click “See upcoming cohorts” > scroll to cohort > click “Join this cohort”.

Ideally I could enroll after I click on the course or there would be a “enroll” button on the landing page under each course blurb (was not able to attach mockup as a new user).

So the two flows I would like are:

  1. landing page > click course > look to right pane > click “Enroll in upcoming cohorts”, to make it clear that I am not missing the enroll option on the course page
  2. landing page > scroll to course > click “enroll” - useful if I have reviewed the course on a prior visit and am coming back just to enroll

I can see that burying actual enrollment 2 pages down could ensure people know about the course before enrolling, potentially increasing the quality of enrollees, but I don’t know if that is an issue that has yet come up, and I think with the start of the platform the higher priority would be increasing enrollment.


I think this is a good call-out—I’ve had several people message me about the micro-textbook course to ask what the actual schedule is, which presumably means they couldn’t find the cohort page.


Hello!! Celine here, product designer at large.

Thanks for your feedback you are 100% right!
We actually had something on our roadmap to totally rethink this checkout issue coming up in a month (:crossed_fingers:t3:) but this call out is very valid and deserves addressing right now.

We implemented a bandaid fix for now that solves ~70% of the issue

There’s now a section that lists the start date for any upcoming cohorts with a button to enroll from there or to see the cohort page that includes the schedule. The cohort page also has an enroll button there.

If you’re already enrolled, the section is replaced with something showing you what you’re enrolled in.

Also, while I plan on putting this somewhere more publicly soon, I’m gonna open up my Figma file for anyone who wants to look. Because it’s my regular workspace, it’s a total mess. But hey, work with the garage door open right?


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Thanks for putting in the change so quickly! I enrolled for the meta course using the new button, and it was pretty cool to see a suggestion made real.

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