Interview with Internet Linguist, Colin Gorrie

Hello and Welcome to the first edition of the Hyperlink Course Creator Interview Series! Here, we sit down with one of our course creators and deep dive into their fields of study, the subject matters of their courses, their philosophy on education, and and so much more!

Today we chat with linguist Colin Gorrie, who facilitates both Language Construction Workshop and Meta-Skills for Learning Languages. We chat about the happy coincidence that the best way to learn new languages is also the most enjoyable way, the present and the future of PhDs who love to teach, and get into some fun language tangents along the way!

Meta-Skills for Learning Languages has a cohort starting January 16th. It meets every Saturday so if you like what you hear, get more by enrolling in that! You can also follow Colin on his twitter (@colingorrie) or his digital garden (

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