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Migrating FNS to forum.hyperlink.academy

Hi all!

I’ve been working on the next iteration of hyperlink.academy, and thinking about it’s relationship to this forum. This forum provided a much needed social space for the “school”, acting as an incubator for adventures, and a documentation site even.

So, let’s merge the two! In practice, this would change three things:

  1. Instead of visiting fns.fathom.network you’ll be visiting forum.hyperlink.academy. The old domain will redirect to the new one.
  2. Instead of logging on through Discourse, forum.hyperlink.academy will use a Single Sign-On backed by accounts on hyperink.academy
  3. As a result of 2. you’ll have to sign up for an account on hyperlink.academy, and must use the same email as you use for your FNS account.

For those of you who don’t know (which is probably all of you lol) the name FNS is a recursive acronym/GNU joke, standing for FNS Not a Sschool. It’s a little bit in-joke-y but I liked it! However, I think hyperlink.academy is way easier to understand, requiring significantly less explanation.

Questions? Concerns?

This space belongs to everyone participating here as much as me, so if you have worries about this, let’s talk about it!

While it does require creating yet another account, I think having authentication we control would let us do some really cool things! Specifically: better infrastructure around joining and running courses/adventures and linking to other tools (a hyperlink.academy git forge for example, or an ebook library)

The plan would be to do this move sometime in the next two weeks (given the current development trajectory on Hyperlink V2 holds, which is to be fair, a risky assumption)


I’m about to migrate the forum! If you’re online in the next hour things might be a little shaky. When things are back, you’ll have to create an account on the beta hyperlink.academy site. IMPORTANT: Create an account with the same email you used here.

Things are a little rough around there, so if you find any bugs, please let me know!

Once the forum is migrated, all old links will automatically redirect to the new domain.

And we’re done! If anyone encounterrs any lingering wierdness, please let me know!

Also like I mentioned above the new hyperlink site is a WIP, I haven’t really shared it out publicly yet, and things will probably be broken. That being said, if you have any feedback or ideas, please let us know! I’ll create a new topic later today to have a place for that.

There’ll also be some reorganization of categories around here, so keep an eye out for new things!

Great! Confirming I’ve logged in fine here on both desktop and mobile. Not noticing anything broken really aside from stuff w/ settings and categories to be updated.

And just to note for anyone else, the SSO login connection is currently with the pre-launch dev version of the new Hyperlink site, which will be switched over to the actual hyperlink.academy domain soon :slight_smile:

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