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A great little outline for how to do class retrospectives. While there’s a lot of subtlety and a huge gradient between individual learners many of the methods and pro/con lists help to show the differences between them. I’d be curious to see one try all (or as many as possible) to cover as many of the eventualities.

Too often teachers don’t bother with these, but they can be incredibly useful, particularly for helping to attempt to improve future incarnations, as well as to guard against the curse of knowledge.

I like that is doing some of the necessary work to expose their teachers to this sort of material. Too often it is only done in the academy in perfunctory ways which aren’t designed to improve anything. Additionally the academy provides little, if any, training in the areas of pedagogy. is making strides to provide some of this material and doing a reasonable job of exposing their teachers to it.

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Thanks Chris! Yes we’d love to hear others’ experiences using various methods. So far we’ve mainly done a combination of in-class group retro discussion and async feedback via forum / google docs.

One thing I’m particularly interested in is how folks might approach gathering quick incremental feedback at various points. And also ways of using retros to evaluate progress against specific pre-course goals (set by both teachers and learners).

Great post! I was inspired by it to share a few of my ideas for getting immediate feedback. Thanks.