Website Show & Tell: Friday, May 30: 8PM EST

Hi all! Come hang out this Friday for a casual website show & tell! You can RSVP right here, and add it to your calendar with the drop down in the top right:

zoom meeting:


Sounds good!! Any particular theme(s) / types of website you have in mind, or anything goes?

I recall vaguely chatting at least with I think you and CJ about something at the intersection of website tours and antilibrary show and tell, possibly around specific themes…didn’t get further than that yet but I can see this being a cool series :smiley:

No particular theme this time, but would be a lot of fun for next! I wonder what themes could work well for websites hmm…


  • one you check every week, one you check every year, one you check every decade
  • websites that feel like they shouldn’t be possible in a web-browser
  • websites you could never consume the entirety of
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That was a ton of fun! Thanks for coming y’all @bts @cjeller1592 @azlen !

I wonder if it would’ve been handy to keep all the links in a list to give to at least the people who came (in the spirit of @bts’s summary emails at the end of the antilibraries show & tells), though I do quite like keeping it emphemeral. Maybe we could just put them all in the chat which folks could then download?

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Awesome this was a lot of fun! Yeah one idea would be to just update the OP here after the event w/ the list of links shared? We could prob piece together most of them if you want to try that for this one.

Also yeah love the idea of other more focused themes for future show and tells (something I might consider for Antilibraries too). These are great—

Some other potential themes:

  • Cathedral and/or Bazaar: one-person sites that span a whole complex of hidden corners / sub-sites
  • Esoterica: sites that are impressive while also being entirely ‘wtf’ baffling
  • Nostalgia Trip: meaningful sites from your childhood with lots of memories attached
  • Library / Antilibrary: sites that contain and/or point to vast stores of interesting information
  • Projects: super impressive personal projects someone pulled off
  • Syllabi: incredible curated learning resources on a topic in website form
  • Blogs: mindblowingly hyper-niche blogs

One thought is just to post it into an channel. That way one of us can have it up while the presentation is going and we can throw them in there quickly. Though like @bts said, an official topic where they’re collated together would be nice too. Maybe even adding it to a static site? (hyperlink academy subdomain?)

+1 I’d love to do that! A lot come to mind for myself & I’d love to hear the stories behind them.

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Will there be another website show & tell this week @jaredpereira? Would love to be a part of it if so!

Let’s do definitely do a hang! I had chatted briefly with @azlen about doing a tour of his blog experiments so maybe we do that this week and a the show and tell for the next one?

I shall figure it out and let y’all know by tommorow.

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That sounds great @jaredpereira ! I’m looking forward to that.

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Okay made the event! I’m testing out the new discourse plugin for events, so the event is in the top post here:

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