Website Tour: Maggie Appleton - Friday July 17 2PM ET

Hi all! Doing another website tour next Friday, this time digging into @Maggie’s site! You can RSVP at the link above, and we can use this topic to collect questions / interesting areas to explore!

Personally I’m interested in learning more about the process of developing the taxonomy, as the site is really well organized!


This looks great! A few things I’m curious about:

  • Thinking about visual communication and how that feeds into the approach to personal site building, ways of combining illustration and writing etc. (great list from Maggie here!)

  • Evolution of the site taxonomy for sure, love the budding / seedling / evergreen thing, combined with topic tags…interesting to consider other possibilities

  • Navigating the spectrum of digital gardening, how you balance tweeting, private notes / Roam stuff, learning in public w/ digital garden, more longform writing…