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A workshop creating workshop

As a big fan of all things meta, this workshop on creating workshops is really interesting!

It’s a 4 week sprint structured like this:

  1. First principles of learning and growth
  2. Design and structure
  3. Content
  4. Facilitation and performance

I like that they start from first principles and move up!

Also, I like the distinction between workshops and courses

Workshops are different to typical online courses. There aren’t exact deadlines and rigid schedules, where you get a grade and either pass or fail.

Like a course, it’ll need commitment from you, but unlike a course that commitment goes beyond absorbing content. It needs commitment to find the time and space, to ask yourself difficult questions, to contribute to the conversation, and to offer your perspective. In exchange we’ll give you guidance, support, accountability, and celebration.

You can easily finish the curriculum and assignments in the workshop within a few weeks, but the workshop stays open for longer as there’s far more to explore: there’s the network, the ideas, the support, and the long-lasting connections.

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Love me some meta! Learning about learning? Teaching about teaching? Bring it on…

This is really cool, they’re doing an offer for the initial version (starting Feb 3) where anyone who donates $200+ to one of a few selected nonprofits gets access to the workshop workshop: https://www.notion.so/Workshop-Creator-February-2020-edition-8e5c3af9ef63456b9afba2cbfa9fa022

A lot more affordable than it sounds like it’ll ordinarily cost, and benefit a good cause at the same time…maybe we should consider signing up! Could be fun to do together, lmk what you think.