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Antilibraries and Athenaeum

This is a post mainly just to draw your attention to the excellent Antilibraries project and the attached Athenaeum forum. From antilbrai.es:

In short: an antilibrary is that collection of books you know a bit about, but have not read, and the latent potential of all the wonders they may hold. We can extend the same idea to other media, too — essays, films, websites, and so on — anything you might learn from.

The website and community is more broadly a space for celebrating books and the possibilities of learning with them. It’s awesome!

A couple threads I really liked:

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Thanks for sharing Jared! I’ve been having lots of fun with Antilibraries as a side project in various forms over the past few years (emails, website, and now a forum) and glad to hear you’re enjoying :smiley:

I’ll pull a few favorite topics as well that may be particularly of interest for this community:

If anyone here would like to chat books / libraries / reading, come on by…as two new forums that I think are pretty aligned in terms of thoughtful discussion and focus on learning and discovery, it would be cool to see how we can get some cross-pollination going!

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