Book clubs and learning discussions > artifacts with lasting value


  • How can artefacts from book clubs and learning discussions accumulate and provide lasting value?
  • related: Concrete idea around “cascading” book clubs
  • related: How do we document and teach others pattern languages of possible book club formats?


  • One thing: situating as a lineage, not a one-off but coming together specifically to produce something…changes the feel
  • Idea for building artifacts that aren’t end product, but seed for future cohorts…
  • Linked / cascading book clubs…idea Egghead is exploring! Maybe via GitHub PRs?
  • Separation between experience levels = really fascinating…branching, converging, etc.
  • Interesting tensions: producing artifacts vs. learning; learning from others’ takes vs. working it out from first principles…
  • Similar thing w/ the internet more broadly, worth sharing book notes? Friction can be generative…
  • Structures for different types of learning structure…concrete outcome vs. emergent / exploratory?
  • Space for each learner to define structures within the whole

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