Experiential education - a tribute to Jake Fee and his nice Webinar

HI Jake and Hyperlink Academy.

This is for you:


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Thanks Max, nice writeup! And huge thanks to @jake — tagging him so he sees this too :smile:

I unfortunately missed the middle part when our power went out, so it’s nice to see your notes on the places / contexts for experiential learning — special places, volunteering, different project-based framings, adventure learning, etc.

Big takeaways for me—

I really liked the broad theme of educators serving as guides / facilitators, helping people digest and process their experiences.

And the “pattern of inquiry” process was a nice framing…very useful to think about it not as a linear process but a cycle or spiral.

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Massimo, thank you so much! It’s such an honor to inspire your bright thinkings.

Fullly agreed, @brendan. Power to the people!