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Hello Everyone,

I found this interesting place for learning and I wanted to share this with you. https://kernel.community/en/
For me at the moment this place is an interesting spot because it combines some aspects about learning that help me:

  • I know already people there
  • The syllabus is well balanced not only focusing on technical aspects but also how to think about technology from a philosophical perspective

Learning is a key thing in collaboration and I have the feeling that in the course or near its field of impact interesting things will form or happen.

Kei Kreutler who wrote this interesting piece:

(for a bit more context)

Also I wanted to share with you this Q/A:
Someone asked: Was reading in the blog titled Ownership in Cryptonetworks where he says “As long as the collective memory freely circulates within a given cryptonetwork, discovered solutions to problems can be reused.”

What does collective memory mean, in the context of a DAO? What is a layperson example of collective memory?

kei: "it could be defined as historical memory (the way an event happened and learnings from it) and processual memory (like how to protect crops from blights in a particular region), like how to do things
in a dao this could mean practices around how to structure work sprints that have proven the most effective, as well as more mission oriented aims like how to best onboard climate scientists to regen network protocol governance
the hope is that with daos this ‘organizational’ memory is more accessible than other types of institutions, because there is a form of transparency on a technical level as well as a culture of transparent documentation
so far daos and their documentation have been a bit sprawling though, so we’ll see how this evolves in practice .

at least that’s how i interpret it! will see if the author can join and chime in, i think it’s a really great piece"

This felt important for me in the context of the hyperlink academy because it somehow shows that learning needs always a context, a relationship to be meaningful.

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Thanks for sharing! Hadn’t seen Kernel before, looks like a really nice example of a domain-specific p2p learning community, and great resources / documentation.

And that “Prehistory of DAOs” piece has been on my list to read for a while (along w/ various Other Internet pieces - https://otherinter.net/research/), I need to set aside some time for that :slight_smile: