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Project management tools for learning

Any opinions on using Redmine or Freedcamp or other project management tools for learning?

Seems useful for a bunch of reasons: documenting and collaboration for example.

I haven’t used either of those specifically, but have had limited success using Git(hub/lab) project management tools to organize research, and I’m starting to use it to organize my own long-term learning projects.

Are you thinking about using it personally to organize your learning or as a tool for a group?

Thanks for commenting. I have both uses in mind @jaredpereira.

What do you hope to get out of Git?

Personally just to have a central place to manage tasks that natively links out to all my writing. I have my website in Git, which is where I store most of my learning projects so it works well.

When using it collaboratively I think the “Code” review process, where someone proposes changes which are then reviewed and commented on, is really powerful for learning.

The downside to git is there is 100% a learning curve, esp compared to other project management tools. The upside is you get pretty sophisticated tools for talking about specific work.

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