Resource: Workload Estimator 2.0

How long will it take learners to complete their assignments? The Workload Estimator is a nifty calculator that can help you figure that out and set clearer expectations.

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Ah thanks for sharing, this is very cool! I like that they iterated on it, tweaking and refining for a v2.0

Splitting by “independent” and “contact” time seems pretty useful. I could see this being an interesting tool for roughly estimating time commitment for Hyperlink courses; not all the workload categories may apply to all courses but it covers the basics pretty well and seems flexible.

The details on estimation methodology were interesting to read about too! Adjusting for variable reading rates, for example, I like the approach of simplifying the variables to fit in a few questions with a few options each, hopefully flexible enough to get a fair ballpark. And for other stuff, at least a decent framework for rough estimates even with more unknowns / expected variance.

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