RFC (request for course) cinema/film studies

Cinema (and literature) discussions can be very social learning processes. I know nothing about it. Would love someone to run a course sometime on film!

@brendan et al, would be interesting if there was a way to annotate timestamps to discuss clips from a given film asynchronously. Not sure what platform would host the films, maybe a custom chrome extension on top of Kanopy… too bad the film industry is so copyright protective…

Maybe a video file, acquired somehow, could be hosted on a server and students would request “clips” from it by timestamp, and a sparse timeline of clips would be built up as people discuss moments.


Yeah this is a cool idea! I was a film studies major (along w/ art) in undergrad and it could definitely be fun to think about what angles might be interesting for a film course on Hyperlink :slight_smile:

Also could be a “watching club” on some kind of specific film, canon, oeuvre…

One idea @jinjinsun and I thought about earlier was like a “Criterion Club”, watching a subset of Criterion films — they have various collections (e.g. Spy Games; Memory on Film; Happily Every After) and could watch several with a one month subscription which is like $10.

Just checking Kanopy and seems it’s not even available for NYC libraries, dang.

Another idea…kinda jank but YouTube has a good number of movies for rental, and even some good ones (like Contact and Terminator) available “free with ads” — not ideal for general cinema experience but might be nice for easy timestamp references and accessibility.

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In terms of low cost/free, there’s also Hoopla and of course old stuff in archive.org. And Vimeo short films :0. Netflix and Prime Video are probably the most common collections people have.

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Oh yeah Vimeo could be good too, depending what aspects of cinema you wanted to get into, would be fun to explore shorts but also feels very different than watching features.

Ubuweb I think would be another good one for more experimental / art film stuff: https://www.ubuweb.com/film/index.html

I feel like I’d have more fun watching narrative features together, but perhaps really fun browsing all kinds of eclectic shorter stuff and discovering interesting stuff to talk about. Any aspects you’re most interested in, like storytelling, visual language, broad overview or certain types of films?

Any and all of those! Personally the more esoteric/philosophical/technical aspects appeal to me most; stuff that can’t be grokked.

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