Would people do a crochet club?

Just wondering. I really enjoy crochet haha. We could make amigurumis.


OMG! I was actually just talking to Brendan the other day of doing a crochet circle club! So yes! I will be down!


Cool!!! I have a book and some ideas on how to start complete beginners off. I’ve been thinking about starting this club for a bit now. I hope we get some more people expressing interest and then we can launch!

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I was thinking of doing a small presentation to start on some crochet subfield like mathematical modeling, yarn bombing, amigurumi, apparel making, and going over different stitch styles and yarn types then having an hour or so of just crocheting together

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Am intrigued!


Would also join!!


What’s yarn bombing? :open_mouth:

Do you all think we should do a “start from scratch. I know nothing” level or just crochet together?

Maybe beginners could join the club at the beginning and people who already know some can join a bit later? What do you think?

Maybe a “standalone learning event” for beginners - a separate session before the club officially starts.


How about this!

One time event

  • For absolute beginners

Learning goals:

  • Learn the basic stitches (US terminology): single, double, triple, half double, slip stitches.
  • Make a back and forth square
  • Make a magic circle
  • Learn to increase and invisible decrease
  • Event project: Make a small pin cushion

You must have all the materials you might need:

  • a crochet hook (any size you’re comfortable with. Not too big and not too small. Any around H or 4-5mm is fine.)
  • appropriate sized yarn for that hook (any worsted weight / aran should be fine)
  • pair of scissors
  • needle with hole appropriate for your yarn
  • a bit of stuffing
  • patience and good humour
    Feel free to ask for recommendations on what to buy in the forum.

Price: $10
Participants: Up to 12
Schedule: TBA

Crochet Club

  • The first rule of Crochet Club is we won’t bitch about Crochet Club.
  • This club is meant as a de-stresser, relaxed, friendly hang out where we can make cool things with yarn and learn together.
  • To be as inclusive as possible, we will not have a single communal project but everyone can do something at a level they are comfortable with. More advanced crocheters will be encouraged to help out beginners. There will be no roasting or eating of noobs.
  • We will bring and share free patterns or patterns we each own or like. Hopefully, we can keep this club running for a long time!
  • Everyone is welcome to bring drinks (alcoholic or not both welcome).


  • Know how to crochet (at any level) or have taken the absolute beginners one time event.
  • Have all the materials you need: crochet hooks, yarn, needles, scissors, amugurumi eyes, stuffing, etc.

Time: 4 weeks

Option 1: Have a 4 week long or advanced project (e.g. hats, scarves, bags, accessories). You are not obliged to finish your project by the time the club meetings end.

Option 2: Have 2-4 smaller projects. (e.g. socks, amigurumi, cup holders, coasters, face scrubbies, small purses)

Price: $15
Participants: Up to 12
Schedule: TBA


This sounds great! I think you should go ahead and do these and I might do a different flavor crochet circle as a separate cohort after yours haha


Well as long as we’re doing flavors of weaving fibers to make stuff maybe I’ll throw up a basket weaving club I’ve been wanting to do after that!


definitely! all these intense crochet projects look a lot of fun. it could definitely level up the skills!

this sounds great. would we have to buy willow sticks?

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I’d love to join! I’m self taught in the basics, for me the biggest thing is that I’m left handed so I just generally watch the flipped tutorials haha.

Would definitely yarn bomb literally everything around me, time and yarn permitting :slight_smile:


Awesome, haha amazing coincidence of emergent crochet interest, love it!

@aisa140 I think you should be able to schedule that intro event any time. And then whenever you want to get started with Crochet Club let us know and we can set up a draft.

@sillyking I know when we chatted I wasn’t sure how much community crochet interest would turn up but this definitely seems promising :smiley: I imagine there’s plenty of room for different club approaches, also like your ideas re: something with a computational angle or other types of textile creation. Potential club collaboration might also be fun to explore!


I’m totally in for a crochet club/event! Been making lots of bags and small items lately :^)


Right! I’m a bit busy these days but I will try to set that up this weekend.

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Dear everyone, the 1 time event for crochet foundations is up!
I don’t know if I should make the cohort bigger as I want everyone to be able to ask questions and things…

@sillyking I mentioned that in the future there may be clubs run by various facilitators to set you up for a potential club too. I hope you don’t mind! Let me know if you’d rather I take that out.



Now that I know the basics, I’m in. :yarn:

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